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MS 66/1: Extract from an extent of the manor of Langar and Barnstone, Nottinghamshire (c.1340, Latin)


Tenentes tofftorum in bondagio

¶ Matillda de Herdeby tenet j tofftum in bondagio et reddit per annum . ij . solidos . vj denarios . terminis ut supra Et dabit auxilium secundum numerum animalium suorum
Et debet meterium in Autumpno ad Magna precaria domini cum tota familia excepta . uxore domus Et valet operis illius diei per estimacione ij denarios
et habebit j repastum et valet j denarius et sic valet opus illius diei ultra repastam j . denarius. Et dabit pro quolibet pullano masculino . iij . denarios . pro tolleneto
Et valet tollenetum per annum . [...] Et dabit pannagium porcorum bis per annum . ut supra et valet pannagium per annum [...] Et dabit Merche
tum et LeyrWytum pro filiis suis.



Bondage tenants of tofts.

Matillda de Herdeby has 1 toft in bondage and pays 2s 6d per annum at the terms as above [Christmas, Lent, Pentecost and Michaelmas]. And she owes an aid of the above mentioned number of her animals [not specifically mentioned, a sum of money in proportion to the number of animals she owns]. And she owes harvest work in autumn at the chief service of the lord with her whole family except the housewife. And the value of the work of that day shall be assessed at 2d. And she shall have one meal to be valued at 1d. And the afternoon’s work shall be valued at 1d. And she shall give as toll for every male foal 4d. The value of this toll per annum is [blank]. And she shall provide pannage for swine twice in the year as stated and the pannage shall be valued at [blank]. And she shall pay merchet and leywrite for her daughters.

Translation by Professor L.V.D. Owen, in ‘Three Nottinghamshire Manorial Records’, Thoroton Society Record Series Vol XI, Pt. II (1946)

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