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WLC/LM/11, f. 42r: Prayer to St Zita (second half of the 15th century, Latin)


Salue felix famula . sitha Jhesu Christi. Que cum mente sedula deo placu
isti . pauperes reficiens nudos induisti. Et egenis omnibus ministra fuisti.
Petram manu deferens qua pectus tundebas. Peruigil in precibus casta permane
bas. Virgo que virtutibus ita floruisti. Fac nos frui gloria quam tu meruisti. Versa
O Ora pro nobis beata Sitha. Responsorio Ut digni efficiamur eterna vita. Oratio
A Impotens sempiterne deus qui beatam Sitham famulam tuam innu
meris decorasti miraculis in presta suppliciter orantibus vt gaudia eterna que peccan
do perdereineruimus. eius suffragantibus meritis iterin primereri valeamus per Christum. dominum. nostrum .


Hail Sitha happy handmaid of Jesus Christ, who pleased God with diligent mind [and] clothed the naked poor, refreshing [them], and were a servant to all the needy, bearing a stone in the hand with which you beat your breast1. You remained watchful in prayers, a chaste virgin who flourished thus in virtues. Make us to enjoy the glory which you have merited.

Verse: Pray for us, blessed Sitha. Responsory: That we might be made worthy of eternal life. Prayer: Almighty and eternal God, who has adorned your handmaiden the blessed Sitha with countless miracles, fulfil to those humbly praying that the eternal joys which by sinning we have deserved to lose, we may be able to deserve once more by her supporting merits through Christ our Lord.

1. Or ‘chest’

* *