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Me 3 D 2: Grant by Aubrey [de Vere, 1st] Earl of Oxford (c.1175, Latin)


Albericus Comes Oxenelis Omnibus hominibus suis presentibus et futuris tam francis quam Anglicis $ Salutem Nouerit
uniuersitas uestra me dedisse et concessisse et hac mea karta confirmasse deo et sancte Marie et sancto Johanni ewangeliste
et monachis meis de Colun in puram et perpetuam elemosinam tres solidatas terre in stoches de mariagio comitisse quas
Godingus tenuit pro salute mea et comitisse mee agnetis et omnium parentum meorum et liberorum meorum
ad duos cereos parandos et cotidie ardendos super altare ubi celebratur missa de sancta Maria.
Et uero mea donatio et concessio firma habeatur kartam hanc cum testium annotationem et sigilli nostri
appositione robaramus. Hiis testibus Alberico filio meo et Roberto fratre eius Nicholao Capellano meo et Wilielmo
clerico de Colun et Michaele clerico et Roberto filio Baldewini . et Roberto de Campos et Rogero filio Roberto et Wilielmo fi
lio fulconis et multis aliis$


Aubrey, Earl of Oxford, sends greetings to all his men both present and in the future, whether French or English. Know you all, that I have given and conceded and by this my charter have confirmed to God and St Mary and St John the Evangelist, and my monks of Colun [Colne], in pure and perpetual alms, three shillings worth of land in Stoches [Stoke], out of the marriage portion of my Countess, which Godingus held, for the salvation of myself and my Countess Agnes and all my ancestors and my children, for the providing of two candles to be lit daily on the altar where the mass of St Mary is celebrated. And to make this my gift and concession strong, we have corroborated this charter with the annotation of witnesses and the fixing of our seal. Witnesses to this: Aubrey my son, and Robert his brother, and Nicholas my chaplain, and William the clerk of Colun, and Michael the clerk, and Robert son of Baldwin, and Robert de Campos, and Roger son of Robert, and William son of Fulk, and many others.

* *