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Ne D 4716: Extract from a gift from Maude Brewes to Geoffrey and Agnes Bristowe of five shops and a garden in St Clement Danes, London (8 March 1388, Latin)


Sciant presentes et futuri quod ego Matildis Brewes de Comitatu Sussex dedi concessi et hac presenti carta mea confirmaui
Galfrido Brystowe Fuller et ciui London et Agneti uxori sue quinque shopas cum gardino adiacente et omnibus alijs pertinencijs
suis situate in parochia sancti Clementis Dacorum extra Barram nom Templi London inter tenementam et gardinum quondam
Hugonis de Putford ex parte occidentalis et regiam viam ex parte Australis et gardinum quondam Hamonis atte Well ex parte
borialis et occidentalis et tenementam quondam Rogeri Marschall ex parte orientalis
imperpetuum In cuius rei testimonium hinc presenti carte mee sigillum meum apposui Hijs testibus Galfrido atte
Angell Willelmo Pecche Thoma atte Nasshe Johane Shelden Willelmo atte Cornere Johane Kentis Ricardo
Knapp Henrico Gardinere Johane Barnacastell et alijs Datum in parochia Sancti Clementis predicta octauo die
Marcij Anno regni Regis Ricardi secundi post conquestum vndecimo


Know all present people and those to come that I Maud Brewes of the county of Sussex have given, conceded and by this my present charter have confirmed to Geoffrey Brystowe, fuller and citizen of London, and his wife Agnes, five shops with adjacent garden and all their other appurtenances situate in the parish of St Clement Danes outside the Bar called Temple [in] London, between the tenement and garden formerly Hugh de Putford’s on the west side, and the King’s highway on the south side, and a garden formerly Hamon atte Well’s on the north and west side, and a tenement formerly Roger Marschall’s on the east side …

… In witness of which thing I have appended my seal to this present charter. These being witnesses: Geoffrey atte Angell, William Pecche, Thomas atte Nassh, John Shelden, William atte Cornere, John Kent, Richard Knapp, Henry Gardinere, John Barnacastell and others. Dated in the parish of St Clement aforesaid the eighth day of March in the eleventh year of the reign of King Richard the second after the conquest.

* *