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WLC/LM/4, ff. 71v-72r: Robert of Gretham, 'Mirur', lines 2474-2517 (composed c.1250, Anglo-Norman)


A s espusailles fu marie.
E iesus e sa compaignie.
S achez grant est li sacremenz.
V tant sunt de si seinte genz.
E vus deuez tenir cher.
L a rien ki deus uont tant amer.
K ar tut ni seit il charnelment.
V ncore est il en present.
K ar quantquen seinte iglise est feit.
E n sa presence tut esteit.
E ki ken seit le seruitur.
S ue est la force e le uigur.
T ut ausi cum est de baptistire.
E de espusaille est il sire.


[The sermon alternates lines from scripture with commentaries by the author Robert of Gretham]

Scripture: At the marriage feast were Mary, Jesus and his companions.

Robert of Gretham: Know well that so great is the Sacrament of marriage that there were many saintly men there and that you must cherish and hold dear this thing that God loves so much. Although he is not there in the flesh he is, nevertheless, always present because when something is done in the Holy Church everything is known to him as he is always present. To him who is there as a servant, he [God] is the power and strength of all that there is. As he is also at baptism, and of marriage he is Lord.

* *