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WLC/LM/4, f. 34v: William of Waddington, ‘Le Manuel des Péchés’ (composed c.1220-1240, Anglo-Norman)


¶ N e matrimoigne ne deit desturber
K i uoldra estre sanz blamer.
¶ Q uant home fiet pur uerite.
K e a tort sunt alcuns espusee.
S e il nel mustre a seint eglise.
Q uite ne pot estre en nule guise.
K i co ne feit est consentant.
E malement pot peccher par tant.
Kar ki a larrun ad consenti.
V ele peine deit auer od li.


The sixth Sacrament of Marriage.

Neither should anyone interfere with marriage which is contracted sincerely and truthfully if they themselves wish to be without reproach. (It is said) that some are illegally married in supposing that he or she do not meet together at the church, but if this does happen they cannot in any way be discharged from their legal obligation. Even so, if entering into a marriage is not freely done then it is evil and they sin. And, if the marriage takes place in secret but nevertheless it is freely done, they will suffer equally for this.

* *