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WLC/LM/9, ff. 254r-v: John Gaytridge, ‘The Lay Folks’ Catechism’ (composed mid-14th century, English)


Že sixte techinge and že laste of žoo žat I first touched
Bež seuen heued synnes men kallež dedly synnes
Žat ilch owež to knowen to fleu and to forsaken
For man may not fleu hem but ȝef he knowe hem
Žryde and enuye wrathe and glotonye slouthe and lecherye


The sixth teaching, and the last of those that I first mentioned, are the seven cardinal sins that men call Deadly Sins. Every man ought to know about these to avoid them and abstain from them, because if he does not know about them, he cannot avoid them.

Pride, envy, wrath, gluttony, sloth and lechery1

1. Avarice or covetousness is missing from this list

* *