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Diary entry for 22 Feb 1846 (Ne 2 F 7, p. 243)

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Diary entry for 22 Feb 1846 (Ne 2 F 7, p. 243) My letter has made a great sensation. The London papers have taken it up & in a manner that I least expected - The Times even sides with me & condemns my Son - This being the case, I trust that sooner or later my poor son may see the extreme folly of his ways, & that his conscience may smite him for his heinous sin towards his Parent - The remarks which are made upon him & the mortification which he is likely to suffer may I trust teach him humility also - a virtue of which he stands much in need = My labours to form a [Protectionist or Country] party are I trust succeeding, if formed I pray that it may be an honest one in or out of office - In the latter case I shall form no part of it as I should decline office of any kind - I have no ambition but to benefit my Country & if I can see others doing this I shall be supremely happy -