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Diary entry for 17 Feb 1846 (Ne 2 F 7, p. 242)

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Diary entry for 17 Feb 1846 (Ne 2 F 7, p. 242) [...] Owen, who is employed by the D. of Portland to conduct, Ld Henry Bentincks [sic] Election - called here last night & told me that Lincoln had engaged all the attornies, & retained [sic] for some time forward by excessive retainers both for South & North Nott's - so that he Owen was unable to engage anyone for Ld Henry - he told me that it was impossible to conceive anything More extraordinary than the present state of things at & near Nottingham - parties changed, & parties united, & nothing to be known by its mere distinction - & all this effected by Govt money & my poor Son's deluded efforts - The mischief which he & people for him have done is inconcieviable [sic] - He was told that if Lincoln failed in S. Notts, that he was to come to the North - I do not believe it -