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Diary entry for 21 Feb 1846 (Ne 2 F 7, p. 242)

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Diary entry for 21 Feb 1846 (Ne 2 F 7, p. 242) The nomination at Newark took place today - Mr Hildyard came in attended by a fine display of nearly 500 farmers on horseback - Poor Lincoln's was a very sorry shew [sic] - Sir R. Bromley & J. Sutton (Kelham) nominated [&] seconded Lincoln - Mr Barron & Mr Stone - Mr Hildyard - Lincoln who thinks that the merit of a speech lies in its length more than its breadth, gave them another long speech of which they must be already surfeited - I have not heard whether it were good or bad - but I am told that Mr Hildyard acquitted himself particularly well - this will stop Lincolns' mouth with regard to him he will make no more scurrilous remarks upon him & his youth. Lincoln is sure to lose his election - Polling begins on 24th -