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Diary entry for 25 Feb 1846 (Ne 2 F 7, p. 244)

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Diary entry for 25 Feb 1846 (Ne 2 F 7, p. 244) Went to Worksop to attend our justice meeting - I there saw almost every body I wished to see among others Ld Henry Bentinck who came to canvass, & Ld Galway - I took the opportunity of speaking to Ld Galway about standing for Bassetlaw - & I am sure that he was much pleased & will stand when the opportunity occurs - We shall now be prepared with proper candidates when required - About the same time as last night my express arrived Lincoln has been beaten by a large majority 688 or 689 - This is a noble triumph of principle - altho' [sic] I know that it will be a grievous blow to Lincoln, yet for his sake as well as the triumph of principle, I ought to hail the Salutary Check with thankfulness - for I trust that it may cause him to think of the sadly altered & mischievous course which he has adopted & so freely entered upon - not only in politics but towards me & others -