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Diary entry for 12 October 1831 (Ne 2 F 4/1, p. 69)

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Diary entry for 12 October 1831 (Ne 2 F 4/1, p. 69) Having received authentic information of the destruction of Nottingham Castle by fire by the mob - of the sacking of Colwick which they stripped of everything & afterwards set fire to - of the audacity of their proceedings & of the entire impunity with which they have perpetrated all their outrages I have determined to go to Clumber this Evening - I went to the D. of Wellington & had a long consultation with him how I should proceed, the cry of the Mob was that they would proceed to Clumber & the opinion of many was that they would go there - but the D. of W thinks & justly that hey will never go so far - I then went to the Home Office & had a long conference with the people there, who seem to know but little of what has occurred -