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Diary entry for 12 Sep 1838 (Ne 2 F 5/1, p. 265)

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Diary entry for 12 Sep 1838 (Ne 2 F 5/1, p. 265) [...] I this day received a letter from Mr Unwin a magistrate residing at Sutton in Ashfield in Notts’ who informs me that the people of the town have to the number of 350 which is still encreasing [sic] enrolled themselves into an association called National association, for political purposes, that [sic] are training diligently by night & sometimes by day, that some muskets & arms have arrived from Birmingham & that he beleives that at Mansfield & all the neighbouring villages the same system is adopted, but hitherto he is unacquainted with its extent, but he beleives it to be spreading & formidable - & so do I, for I beleive that it will continue untill [sic] a contest shall decide the issue & the present very high price of bread may induce many to join the ranks of the disaffected who otherwise would refuse to mix in such dangerous company -