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Diary entry for 5 Mar 1839 (Ne 2 F 6/1, pp.14-15)

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Diary entry for 5 Mar 1839 (Ne 2 F 6/1, pp.14-15) Wrote to [the Home Secretary] Ld J. Russell transmitting the Resolutions of Yesterday’s meeting [of magistrates at Southwell] & also an extract from a letter to the D. of Portland from his secret correspondent, which informs him of the intentions of the Rebels, the number of their army in & near Mansfield 12 or 1400 - how they behaved at their Unions, when they might rise &c / perhaps in a fortnight / he describes the scenes which he witnesses as wicked & atrocious [-] After making various Statements to Ld John I called upon him either by proclamation or otherwise to provide for the deficiency in the existing laws & to devise some instant means for surpressing [sic] the tumultuous & treasonable proceedings of the disaffected = I have written frequently to Lord John but have not received answers to my letters - This is rather a Strange mode of Conducting the affairs of the Home Office in troubled times -