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Diary entry for 10 June 1824 (Ne 2F/1/1 pp 198-199)

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Diary entry for 10 June 1824 (Ne 2F/1/1 pp 198-199) A committee of the H. of Lords to enquire into the stateof Ireland in the disturbed districts is now sitting - Ithas already made a short report, stating that it willbe necessary to reinforce the Insurrection act - No otherreport will be made this Sessions [sic] - I have been assured bya most intelligent & well informed Member of the Comm[itt]eethat nothing more has been done to repress Ireland thanis absolutely necessary & indeed that more might havebeen done - that the great misfortune is absenteeship,that at one time, during the war [with France] few local Magistratescould be found, that now they are very scarce, & thatin Some districts none are to be had, that the wantof proper Magistrates led to the appointment of unfitpersons who abused their trust, but that wherevera breach has been discovered there the offenderhas been dismissed - that it must end in some measureto commit the Magistracy to persons selected &paid for the purpose with such a salary as tomake it worth the while of a proper man to undertake it -The benefits which have resulted to Ireland fromthe Union greatly outweigh the disadvantages, almostthe only disadvantage is the inducement to Irish membersof Parl[iamen]t and others to resort to England & in many instances to Reside almost entirely here - The advantages aretoo numerous to recount - The participation in all the prosperity of England, a consolidation of the Exchequer, freetrade & intercourse with England, an unrestricted interchange of resources of every kind and in shorta treatment & consideration of Ireland upon the Samefooting and as an integral part of Great Britain -Without the Union Ireland would have become aRoman Catholic country & have been lost to England,the 40s freeholders would soon have accomplished this -A Viceroy is highly desirable, without such a onethere would be no means of upholding good and repressing evil, (Supposing the Viceroy a good one;) Dublinhas lost greatly by the Union, the removal of the Viceroywould be the ruin of the Town - It is supposed thatL[or]d Wellesley has done more mischief & less goodthan any L[or]d L[ieutenan]t who Ever preceded him - But forthe benefit of Dublin the Ld Lt Should frequentlyhold Courts & give entertainments - for every £1000that he spends £100,000 would be spent by others -There will probably be a struggle before long, thecontemptible & divided policy of Ministers has broughtthis on, they have much to answer for before God &their country -