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Diary entry for 30 June 1845 (Ne 2F 7/1, p.188)

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Diary entry for 30 June 1845 (Ne 2F 7/1, p.188) The state of Ireland is said to be dreadful at thistime - People are leaving the country as fast as theycan afraid for their lives - L[ad]y Scarbrough told metoday that two gentlemen clergyman connectedwith her by marriage, Rev[eren]ds Mark Beresford &L'Estrange, feel it to be necessary to leave theirlivings with their families, altho' anxious & excellentClergymen & that all others who can afford it propose todo the same - Murder is so common & the Murdererso protected, that the life of no one is safe - if thedestruction of any one is doomed, a stranger from adistance is hired for a few shillings, he does the deed& instantly decamps & his detection & arrest renderedimpossible by the invariable protection afforded inevery case by the bystanders or neighouring peasantry& all this goes on without any apparent interferenceon the part of the Government -