Nov[embe]r 17. 1687

Honoured Sir,

I am told that you allow me to write
to you; I hope you will also allow
me to omit formalities. I shall esteem
my self happy in the honour you do me,
in putting such confidence in me, if
I can acquit my self of so great a trust
to the satisfaction of all concerned.
I am sure no person is more desirous
to do services than I am, nor more
willing to be directed; which makes me
hope that a little experience will quali
fy me to do them. But it is not to
be expected that I can now give any
account of matters. I am newly come
from the Country, and not as yet disenga
ged from circumstances not consistent
with the diligence such an affair requi
res. Nor can I jump on a sudden,