N. Febr[uary] 6/16 1688


I have yours of the 10th N[ew] S[tyle]. I do not
know what to write. Mr. Stourton ['Sidney' written above] is
positive that Resolutions are taken
of having neither Parliament nor
War, after great Debates, Parliament
and War, (no doubt the Irish were for
it) or no Parliament and no War.
Mr. Seatoun ['Sunderland' written above] being for neither, was so
much out of humour, when the contra
ry Party was like to carry both, that
he was in a manner mad; there was
no speaking to him; but since, is in
the best humour of the World. All this
Mr. Stourton believed the last week,
and still believes. Now on the other
hand, on Saturday last (this is Mon
day) I was with Mr. Price ['Pen' written above], who then
came from Mr. Kemp ['the King' written
above] and Mr. Seatoun;
he is positive that there will be no War,