May it please your Grace

In consequence of the appearance of that fatal Malady
the Asiastic Cholera in London a committee of clergymen
has been formed for the purpose of taking such steps
as may be deemed necessary to prevent the spread of
that dreadful disease and to relieve the necessities of
the poor of Bethnal Green during the approaching winter.
The Committee consisting of sixteen of the Clergymen
of the Parish of Bethnal Green and representing upwa-
rds of seventy thousand persons, consulted the Rt. Revd
the Lord Bishop of London, who recommends immediately
the establishment of a Dispensary of which his Lordship
has kindly consented to be the president for the purpose
of treating the praemonetary symptoms of Cholera and
thereby arresting the progress of that dreadful scourge.
In the endeavour to carry out this benevolent suggestion
of his Lordship, the Committee have directed us to respect-
fully solicit some pecuniary assistance and the honor