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Ga 12,835 : Two pages from the book of 'Military Orders by His Royall Highness The Duke of Cumberland', being the entries for 2-3 Mar. 1745/6.

The Watchcoats to be delivered to the Regim[en]ts
th[a]t have not rec[eive]d any before.

March the 2d      Parole      Cambridge

     Field Officers for the Night

     Old Town      L[ieutan]t Col[one]l Ramsay
     New Town     (L[ieutan]t Col[one]l Rick
                        (Maj[o]r Lockhart

     Duke's Guard -      Howards,
          Maj[o]r of Brigade      Fleming

     The Brigade of the Royall does no duty tomorrow
and the Other 3 Brigades & Semple's Regim[en]t to take all
the Guards in the New and Old Town.

March the 3d      Parole      Cork

     Field Officers for the Night

     Old Town -      Maj[o]r Forrester
     New Town -      (Maj[o]r Heighingtn
                        (L[ieutan]t Col[one]l Jefferyes

     Duke's Guard      Wolf for Barrell
          Barrell's Brigade to do no duty tomorrow.