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Me C 28/2 : Letter from Sir Henry Clinton, Boston, to Charles Mellish; c. 24 Jun. 1775

[n.d. - circa 24 June 1775]

My Dear Carlos,

I cannot let the Cerebus sail without
giving you a line by it; and at the same
time a short account of the action of the
17th. The Rebels on that day took possession
of some high ground, from hence they had it
in their power to give serious anoyance to the
town and shiping; it was necessary to dislodge
them before they were too strongly entrenched.
G. Howe accordingly embarked with 2000 men
for that purpose, found them strongly posted,
having on their right a redoubt, & the town of
Charles town; on their left a bay, and in their
front a breast work. Our left, entre nous
exposed to so much fire front and flank,
was greatly disordered. I saw it & dreaded