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Me C 29/17 : Letter from Dr. John Macnamara Hayes, Hubbarton; to Charles Mellish, 13 Jul. 1777

Dear Sir,

Since my last, the Army under the
Command of Gen[era]l Burgoyne advanced from
St. Johns on Lake Champlain. At at [sic] the
River Bocquet the whole rendevouzd, the
24th ult. where every disposition for the
ensuing campaign was made, and procla
mations from the Gen'l. pasted on some
houses offering protection to the Inhabitants
if they remained quiet at their Houses, and
Pardon to those of the Rebels who claim'd the
Kings Mercy and laid down their Arms. The
27th the army advanced from Bocquet to
Crown Point (ab't. 10 leagues) where the Gren's.
& Light Infantry were encamp'd, and our
shipping at anchor. The first of July the
Army moved from thence towards Ticondoroga
& halted at three Miles distance, where we beheld
the Rebels in their Works at Ticondoroga & Mount
Independant, a very high Hill w[hi]ch commands
the former, and which they [had] cleared & fortified