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Ne C 1640 : Letter from [A. Campbell], 3rd Duke of Argyll, Edinburgh [Scotland], to Henry Pelham; 17 Aug. 1745


I returned to this place yesterday
and have conversed with Sir John Cope, the King's
Advocate & Sollicitor, and have learnt nothing new
except S[i]r John's advices from Fort Bernera & Fort
Augustus, where I find they are under great
apprehensions; It would be very surprising if after
all the boastings of Marishal Wade, these Forts
& that of Fort William of all which he has been
Governor for so many years should now be in such
a condition as to be taken by a Highland Army, but
the misfortune is, that in this Country all zeal seems
to be vanished on the side of the Goverment & the
Jacobites are wise enough to conceal theirs, reserving
it for a proper opportunity; the people have been
poysoned for several years with pretended Patriot
notions, and those who concurred in raising them
have now neither skill, interest, nor spirit to put out
the fire they have kindled. I am forced to be so rude
as to beg you will send the inclosed to Mr. Vaughan,
for I dare not write by the post. This morning we have
had a new alarum from L[or]d Glenorchy, but I hope its only
the same rumour, more diffused, which came from Fort William