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Ne C 1677 : Letter from General T[homas] Wentworth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to Henry Pelham; 10 Nov. 1745

Newcastle, Nov.[ember] the 10th 1745


I was this morning honour'd with yours of
the 7th and as I am persuaded that you
must not be a little anxious for what con
cerns us, I write by the post, the Marshall
not designing to send away an express 'till
to morrow or the day following -

By our freshest intelligence, the Rebells
were very near Carlisle, but I conceive
it must only be meant of one of their
partys, as it is pretty certain that a con
siderable body of them, were two days
ago at or near Dumfries, which town
lying some miles west of Carlisle, I can
not easily account for their going so
far out of their way, if their real design
is to move southward, indeed tis said th[a]t
they have been oblig'd to take that road
for the more easy conveyance of their