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Ne C 1703 : Letter from [J. O'Hara] 2nd Baron Tyrawly, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, to Henry Pelham; 11 Nov. 1745

Newcastle the 11th of No[vem]ber 1745

Dear Sir,

By a Courier the Marshal is going to send to London, I have
Onely time to acquaint you that I transmit to S[i]r Wm. Yonge
a Memorial to the King, praying that my Rank, and S[i]r
John Ligoniers may be Examined into. I have not time to
send you a Copy of the Memorial but I send a rough draught
of it to Mr. Tweiss to give you a fair Copy of. Nothing can
be less founded that [than] Ligoniers pretentions. We are to March
after to Morrow, but hethertoo, not the least Preparation is made
for it, and nothing appears amongst us, but hurry, irresolution
and confusion. Wade must have a succession of Durouces about
him, and so we have a Quarter Master General of that name.
The Man means his best, but does not know his Right hand
from his Left. What it will all come to God onely knows. Huske
is the onely officer amongst us. Count Nassau is indolent, and