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Pw A 2221 : List in Dutch relating to quarters for the army; 16 Dec. 1688

[Translated from Dutch]

Quarters for 16/6 December

[Modern place name]
Headquarters Collingborn Kingston [Collingbourne Kingston]
Marshal Schomberg with the Staff Collingborn St. Andrews [Collingbourne Ducis?]
1 Guards' battalion West Everley [Everleigh]
Prince van Birckenfeld Chute
3 Guards' battalions North Tudworth [Tidworth]
South Tudworth [Tidworth]
Birckenfelt's Brigade Apleshire [Appleshaw]
Shaddesden [Shoddesden]
Trouxon [Thruxton]
Sidney's Brigade Ambesbury [Amesbury]
General Nassau, with 1 battalion Great Bodwin [Bedwyn]
1 Battalion of Wynberg's Brigade Little Bodwin [Bedwyn]
2 other battalions of Wynberg's Brigade Burbich [Burbage]
Lord Macklesfield [Macclesfield] Overton
English Lords and Volunteers Lurgi shall [Ludger shall]
Scottish Lords Ampoort [Amport]
Refugee Officers stay at Boscombe
Corps of Guards Wilton
Horse Guards Bishamstock [ Beechingstoke]
Cornbury's Dragoons and Langston Marlebrough [Marlborough]
Canon's Dragoons Proshut [Preshute]
Coning's Infantry Wootton [Wootton Rivers?)
His Highness' Dragoons Titcombe [Tidcombe]
Marton [Marten]
Shouborn [Shaibourne]
Marwits' Dragoons Ham
Buttermor [Butter mere]
Harding [Harding Farm in Great Bedwyn]
Waldeck Stoke
Bentinck West Gratton [Grafton]
Heyde [Hyde]
Loppenbrock East Gratton [Grafton]
S-Gravemoer Mitton [Milton Lilbourne?]
Nassau Eastern [Easton Royal]
Ginckel Dracot [Draycot Fitz Payne]
Oye Riedt Ecsel Pewyse [Pewsey]
Flodorp Opdam Maningford Abbey [Manningford Abbots]
Zuylestein Schack Wilkot [Wilcot]
Monpouillan Maningford Crucis [Manningford Bruce]