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Pw A 2235 : [Part of] a [draft] account in French of the march [from Torbay to London] by William Bentinck [later 1st Earl of Portland]; n.d. [c. Dec. 1688]

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[Translated from French]

The Duke of Grafton my Lord Churchill Lieut. Gen. and Mr. Barckley [Berkeley] gentleman in the household of the Princess of Denmark and Colonel of a dragoon regiment coming from the King's army came to join him

On the 21st His Highness marched from Exeter to Honiton and on the 22nd from there to Axminster where he remained on the 3rd/23rd also the following day when His Highness detached M. Bentinck with 1200 horse and dragoons in order to march to Wincanton near to the king's army in order to give occasion to those of our friends who were there to come and join us, but when he arrived the next day at Sherborne he learnt from many officers and horsemen that he met on the road coming from Salisbury, that the aforesaid army had marched out of there and from Warminster where it was quartered towards London in very great haste and disorder, having left part of their men in the town of Salisbury without allowing any man to stop them and billeting the troops there to await the army. On the 6th/26 His Highness marched to Crewkerne. Colonel Trelani [Trelawney] with all the officers of his regiment of infantry, almost all the officers of the dragoon regiment of Conan and many officers of other regiments which had been billeted at Warminster came to find him. The 7th/27 His Highness marched to Sherborne and stayed with Lord Bristol who came to receive him with Colonel Stranguish, Sir Oliver St. George and a number of the Dorset nobility...