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Ma B 183/697/1 : Regulations for grazing in Laxton, 1908

Rules & Regulations for Grazing Laxton Open Fields.

1. The open fields are to be grazed by Earl Manvers Tenants only. No tenant, who has no unenclosed land, is to be allowed to turn any stock into the fields.
2. No Tenant, having unenclosed land, is allowed to turn any stock into the fields wh.[ich] is not his own bona fide property.
3. The fields may be stocked as follows
(a) The Wheat Field - unlimited stock from the breaking up of the field to 15th Oct. in same year.
(b) The Bean & Clover Field - unlimited stock from the breaking up of the field to the 23rd Nov. in same year.
(c) The Fallow Field. From the 23rd Nov. in one year to the 8th Oct. of the next year, twenty sheep by each tenant. No cattle or horses are to be allowed in this field during the time named.
(d) No sheep to be turned into the Open Fields until they have been dressed, such dressing to be done before they are turned in.
(e) No tup to be turned out into the open fields before the 15th Oct. or to be allowed to remain after the 23rd Dec. in any year.
(f) No one enjoying these rights, or anyone who has nothing but enclosed land is to be allowed to pasture either the East Moor or Cocking Moor.
(g) The Foremen of the Juries & the Pinder are to see that these rules are carried out, & are to report any one breaking them to the Thoresby Estate Office at once.
(h) Any one reported as breaking them, may, after one caution, be given notice to quit his farm.

Lord Manvers appeals to his Tenants, in their common interest, to help him & the Juries to carry out the above. he asks them specially to be careful to shut the gates of the Commons, "The Moor" & "Cocking Moor", when passing through them, also the Gates in the portions of the open Fields lately enclosed by him.

Estates Office                     R. W. Wordsworth
Thoresby Park                     Agent for Earl Manvers
March 1908