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AN/A 14/2 : Act Book entries relating to Bridget Roos and Ralph Brette, 1605-1606

folio 48v.
7 December 1605
Contra Brigittam Rosse uxorem Petri Rosse de Laxton armiger et Radulphum Brette de eadem…
Super actu comparacionis. Quibus die horis et loco introducta citacione in hac parte emanat facta fide ex relacione apparitoris de exequucionem preconizatisque reis et mo mo comparen' aut moram suam purgan' dominus pronunciavit eos omnes et singulos contumaces et in paenam contumaciarum suarum h'moi' excomunicand fore decrevit et assignat vices suas Magistro Charolo Aynsworth Clerico ad ferend senteciam excom' in eosdem qui quidem Mr Charolus Aynsworth Clericus antedict ex prescripto domini l'time preceden' eos omnes et singulos excomunicavit in scriptis ut patet &c.

Rough translation into English:
Against Bridget Roos wife of Peter Roos of Laxton, esquire, and Ralph Brette of the same. [along with a number of other people]
To appear by the Acts. On the same day and place, a citation having been sent out, according to the apparitor, for them to appear to purge their morals, the Lord pronounced all and singular of them to be contumacious, and for the punishment for their contumacy decreed them to be excommunicate, and assigned in his place Magister Charles Aynsworth, clerk, to give the sentence of excommunication, and Mr Charles Aysnworth, clerk, excommunicated all and singular of them according to the Lord's preceding prescription, as the writing shows etc.