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AN/LB 221/5/23/3-5 : Depositions in Archdeaconry cause of adultery, Nicholas Walker v. Peter Roos, 1610

Examinacio testium inferius nominatorum capte coram discreto viro Magistro Charolo Aynsworth Clerico surrogato Magistri Nicholai Langford artium Magistri domini Archidiaconi Nottingham Officialis in presentia mei Johanis Tibberd notarij publici xvijo die mensis Octobris Anno domini 1610.

[Translation: The examination of the named witnesses below was taken in front of the discreet man Magister Charles Aynsworth, clerk, surrogate to Magister Nicholas Langford Master of Arts, Official [judge] of the lord Archdeacon of Nottingham, in the presence of me, John Tibberd, notary public, on the 17th day of October in the year of our Lord 1610]

John Beale of Hexgrave Parke, Nottinghamshire, yeoman, aged 40 years and more. Dicit se novisse Nicholaum Walker circiter novem vel decem annos et dicit se novisse dictum Petrum Ros circiter tres vel quatuor annos… [Translation: said that he had known Nicholas Walker for around nine or ten years and said that he had known the said Peter Roos for around three or four years]
… dicit et deponit [said and deposed] that uppon Scte George his daye last paste he this deponent comminge with his Master Mr Edward Coppinger thoroughe Hollin Hill articulat aboute two three or foure of the clocke in the after noone the same daye did see the articulat Peter Rosse & Rose Walker (he the said Peter lyinge alofte uppon the said Rose under a crabbe tree) then & there as he verilie beleeveth committing the sinne of adulterie & further saith that he this deponent comminge by them did saye unto them God speede your sporte to whome theie beinge abashed made none answer…
… dicit et deponit that in one of the moneths articulat he this deponent beinge requested by the articulat Nicholas Walker to watch with him the said Nicholas Walker havinge intelligence given unto him that he the articulat Peter Ros & she the articulat Rose Walker shoulde meete togeather at a tyme when the articulat Nicholas Walker should be from home, he this deponent did see the said Rose Walker goe out of her owne house aboute xj or xij of the clocke in the nighte havinge onelye her gowne loose aboute her & further saithe that he this deponent togeather with one Thomas Lowe followinge the said Rose into a close called the bancke did there heere the articulat Nicholas Walker saye to the articulat Rose, he the said Peter Ros beinge then present, Is this your behaviour when I am from home - to whome she answeared in this deponents heeringe, is this your goinge to