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AN/LB 236/2/37 : Nomination of Mr John Hunter as schoolmaster of Laxton, 1727

October the 30th 1727 Laxton

Wee whose hands are underwritten do nominate and appoint Mr. John Hunter schoolmaster for our said Town of Laxton Witness our hands the day & date above written.

Tho. Heald
Jude Roos
William Lee
Thomas Birkitt
Augustin Gilbert
Wm Challand
J. Green
John Scot [mark]
Fran. White [mark]
Sam'll Roos
Robt Taylor [mark]
John Chappell junr
Thos Skinner [mark]
Humphrey Hopkin
Micall Caudwell [mark]
William Taylor
Ben. Johnson [mark]
Francis Sallman [mark]
Willm Meggett [mark]
Richard Green [mark]
George Pinder
Henery Hind
Fr. Woolfit
Joseph Hunt
Henry Tayler [mark]
Edy Skaith [mark]
Thomas Hatchett
Thomas Bull [mark]
Robert Skaith
Thomas Taylor
Wm. Doncaster
John Cawdwell
Francis Taylor [mark]
Tim [?] Stanford
Wm Taylor [mark]
Wll. Write [mark]
Richard Woollfit
Jervise Cullen [mark]
Elizabeth Hazard [mark]
William Woolfit [mark]
Peter Birket [mark]
Fran. Colt [mark]
Ann Pinder [mark]
James Cox
Ann Sallmon [mark]
Alce Allcock [mark]
John Challand
Thomas Merreweather
Rob. Hazard
Widdow Allecock [mark]
William Wright [mark]