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AN/PB 292/1/folio 10r/1 : Copy presentment bill, Laxton, 1587

Laxton. Mr Cadman vicar

Richard Smyth
John Sawman - gard [churchwardens]

Willm Wosell
Abraham Taylor - jur [swornmen]

We presente Mr Thomas Rose for absenting him selfe from dyvine service. We presente Dorothie Horner for the lyke.
Henry Cawpe for the lyke.
We presente Jone Blood to be a fornicatrix and Henrey Cawpe per eadem [for the same].
Our vicar keepeth no hospitalytie, Mr Thomas Rose receaveth one Eliz Roe a woman greatly suspected of incontinency, The sayd Tho. keepeth one Dorothy Smyth the wyfe of Nicho. Smithe in great suspicion of Adultery.

[signed] Thomas Ashton.

fornicatrix = a female fornicator, i.e. someone having sex outside marriage
hospitalytie = hospitality. Clergy were expected to open their doors to poor people and to offer alms and food
incontinency = sexual misconduct