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AN/PB 294/1/196 : Copy presentment bill, Laxton, 1603

Laxston. The 27 of Aprell anno 1603

John Samone
John Shepton - Jurati [swornmen]
Edward Caudwell
Peter Bullyne - gar [churchwardens]

for all the artekelles tyll we com to the 27 and thear we fynd that Mes Bregit Roues douth not com usiall to the curch nor Res at ester and allso we do present peter Roues servant to Mr Roues for not Res at Estear and for not coming yowsally to the curche and allso we do present Mes Susanes for not coming & not Res at ester to the curch we do present Thomas Jackson for adultre with esabell pyckston of the same and allso we do present upon a commen fame frances Blackbourn for adultre with Jonne Samone the youngear of the same and for all the Rest is well to our knoledg & all our Revestre we present & other thinges abought the curch but we crave Lammas for the Repare thear of.
By me Richard Randall

In modern English spelling:
For all the articles until we come to the 27th [we have nothing to present], and there we find that Mrs Bridget Roos does not come usually to the church, nor does she receive communion at Easter; and also we do present Peter Roos, servant to Mr Roos, for not receiving at Easter and for not coming usually to the church; and also we do present Mrs Susanes for not coming to the church and not receiving at Easter; we do present Thomas Jackson for adultery with Isabell Pyckston of the same [of Laxton]; and also we do present upon a common fame Francis Blackbourne for adultery with Joan Samone the younger of the same; and all the rest is well to our knowledge; and we present [disrepair to] all our revestry and other things about the church, but we crave [to be allowed until] Lammas for the repair thereof.