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AN/PB 295/7/158 : Presentment bill, Laxton, 1618

Laxton Bill. Anno Domini 1618.
1. Imprimis wee present Joseph Broome & Mary his wife for not receivinge the Comunion att Easter last past.
2. Item wee present William Whalhead & Richard Whalhead for the like.
3. Wee present Thomas Spadman & Brigitt Clarke for keepinge company together contrary to an Iniunction given them by Mr Officiall [the 'Official', or judge of the court]
4. Wee present Peter Roos for not usually comminge to Church.

emt in 2um Julij [entered into the Act Book on 2 July]

William Rookis
Humfry Hopkinson [mark]
William Challon [mark]
William Urry [mark]
John Freeman [mark]