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Ma 4891 : Page from record of exchanges of land in Laxton, 1727-1732

Final page:

Laxton 1732.
Mem. of an Agreement made this 24th June 1732 Between Thomas Cromp Esqr (for & on behalf of his Grace the Duke of Kingston) for Exchange of Lands at Laxton, And Mr Underwood (for & on behalf of the Lady Broughton) -

 The said Duke to give the said Lady Broughton   
 In the South fieldAR.P.
963In Middle Stinting 1 Land in Tenure Sam'l Roose--35
987Do. 1 Land in same Tenure--37
988Do. 1 Land in Tenure of Xtopr Salmons--37

In Exchange for the following Lands -

vizt.In the South fieldA.R.P.
897At South End of Whitmoor 1 Land in Tenure of Ben. Johnson--35
904Do. 1 Do. In Tenure of Wm Megott-11
992Next the Brick Kiln. 1 Do. in Tenure of B. Johnson-11

To which Agreement the said Mr Cromp & Mr Underwood have sett their Hands this 27 day of July 1732

Thos. Cromp

Witness Sam:ll Roos

[n.b. The abbreviation Xtopr stands for Christopher, and comes from the common abbreviation of ‘Christ’ to ‘X’. Another example is the use of the word ‘Xmas’.]