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TL 1/1/1-2 : Minutes of proceedings at the Laxton manorial court, 1753; and Presentments at the Laxton manorial court, 1754

Manor of Laxton.
The Court Leet of our Sovereign Lord the King together with the Court Baron of the most Noble Evelyn Duke of Kingston upon Hull Lord of the said Manor of Laxton holden in and for the said Manor upon the Twentieth day of October 1753.

The Names of the Homage
Mr Thos Adwick sw [sworn]

George Pinder senr sw
George Pinder junr sw
John Chappel sw
Joseph Hunt sw

Thos Pinder sw
Edwd Freeman sw
Wm Hunt sw
Wm Taylor Carp[ente]r sw

Wm Taylor, Farmer sw
Francis Skinner sw
John Moseley sw
Wm Meggit sw
Edwd Brown sw
Robt Gilbert sw


Wm Taylor, Farmer, sworn Constable
Wm Palfreman, sw Pinder

Wm Merril did Fealty
Geo. Pinder did Fealty
Valantine Skeith did Fealty

Robt Skeith
Robt Newstead        Thirdboroughs