Ne D 911 - Quitclaim (Latin) from Richard ad Scalarin to William, Lord of Bevercotes of his right and claim to Bevercotes Park and Bretland Wood enclosure, Nottinghamshire and to fishing rights; [c.1250]

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Section of deed
[line 1] Om[n]ibus Xpi [Christi] fidelib[us] ad quos p[re]s[e]ns sc[ri]ptu[m] p[er]ven[er]it Ricard[us] ad scalariu[m] de Beu[er]cot[es] sal[ute]m in d[omi]no Nov[er]itis me
[line 1] To all faithful Christian people to whom this present writing shall come, Richard ad Scalarium [ie Richard at Stile?] of Bevercotes [gives] greeting in the Lord. Know that I,

Section of deed
[line 2] p[ro] me & h[er]edib[us] meis remisisse & quietu[m] clamasse Wil[ie]l[m]o d[omi]no de beu[er]cot[es] totu[m] ius & clam[eu]m q[uo]d h[ab]ui u[e]l aliq[uo] t[em]p[or]e
[line 2] for myself and my heirs, have remised and quitclaimed to William, Lord of Bevercotes, all right and claim which I have or at any time

Section of deed[line [line 3] h[abe]re potui i[n] parco suo de Beu[er]cot[es] ta[m] i[n] bosco de Bretland i[n]cluso q[ua]m i[n] parco p[ri]us f[a]c[t]o. Itaq[ue] ego d[i]c[tu]s Ricard[us] n[ec] aliq[ui]s
[line 3] might have had in his park of Bevercotes, as well in the enclosed wood of Bretland, as in the park before made. So that from henceforth neither I the said Richard, nor any of my

Section of deed
[line 4] h[er]ed[um] meor[um] n[ec] aliq[ui]s alius no[m]i[n]e m[e]o u[e]l no[m]i[n]e h[er]edu[m] m[e]o[rum] aliq[ua]m [com]muna[m] n[ec] aliq[ui]d aliud ius decet[er]o i[n] d[ic]to parco n[ec] i[n] d[ic]to
[line 4] heirs, nor any one else in my name or in the name of my heirs, can in any way claim any right of common, nor any other right, in the said park or the said

Section of deed
[line 5] bretland i[n]cluso aliq[uo] m[od]o vendicare pot[er]i[m]us P[ro] hac au[tem] remissione & q[ui]eta clamac[io]ne dedit m[ihi] p[re]d[i]c[tu]s do[mi]n[u]s q[uo]dda[m] fossat[um] ex[tr]a cu-
[line 5] Bretland enclosure; But on the other hand by this remission and quitclaim the said Lord has given to me that a certain fossat [ditch, dike or mound] outside

Section of deed
[line 6] ria[m] mea[m] i[n] crofto aliqu[ando] Henrici Lelilie de latitudi[n]e duo[rum] pedu[m] & de lo[n]gitudi[n]e sexagi[n]ta & septe[m]deci[m] pedu[m] & [com]muna[m] i[n] aq[ua] de
[line 6] my courtyard, in a croft once Henry Lelilie's, of width two feet and length 77 (60 + 17) feet, and right of common in the water of

Section of deed
[line 7] fulbech ta[m] i[n] piscariis q[ua]m i[n] aliis reb[us]. Videl[icet] a po[n]te de Hatfeld usq[ue] ad magna[m] aq[ua]m de ydil. In cui[us] rei testimo[n]iu[m] hinc p[re]s[e]nti sc[ri]p-
[line 7] Fulbech as well in fishing-places as in other things, that is to say from the bridge of Hatfeld up to the big water of Ydil [the river Idle]. In witness of which thing I have put my seal to this present writing.

Section of deed
[line 8] to sig[i]ll[um] meu[m] apposui. Hiis testib[us] Ar[-]o de Lynham. Robert[o] morin de Hoxtun. Ricard[o] de sutton de Aulxbi. Henric[o] fr[atr]e p[res]b[it]ri de mar-
[line 8] These being witnesses, Arnold[?] de Lyneham, Robert Moris of Hoxtun, Richard de Sutton of Aulxbi, Brother Henry, priest of Mar-

Section of deed
[line 9] cham. Robert[o] palmer de ead[em]. Henric[o] fil[ie] lucie de Beu[er]cot[es]. Robert[o] carpentar[io] de Hoxtun & alii[s].
[line 9] cham [Markham], Robert Palmer of the same, Henry son of Luke of Bevercotes, Robert Carpentar of Hoxtun and others