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Pw A 2247 : Copy of a declaration by William, Prince of Orange [later King William III], at Exeter; n.d. [1688]

His Highnesses Declaration

William Henry, By the Grace of God, Prince of
Orange, &c. Wee have already given a full and clear
Account of Our designes in this Our Expedition in Our
Declaration for the Preservation of the Protestant
Religion and the Lawes and Liberties of England; And
since God hath thus farre blest us, that after a safe
and prosperous Voyage and Landing wee are happily
come to the City of Exceter; Wee have thought it ne
cessary, most earnestly to invite all persons that are
zealously affected to the Protestant religion, and to the
Lawes and Liberties of their Countrey, to come and
shew it by concurring with us, in this Our Underta
king for the securing and establishing of them; And
Wee do promise and assure our Protection to all
that shall come to Us, and do declare, that if any
of those, that have assisted Us, or shall assist Us
in any kind, or shall be coming toward Us for that
purpose, Or shall publish, disperse, keep or read our
declaration and publication of any sort, fall into
the hands of our Enemies, and are ill used by them