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Pw A 2247 : Copy of a declaration by William, Prince of Orange [later King William III], at Exeter; n.d. [1688]

Wee will return the same usage upon all that wee
find in Arms or giving any assistance to them and
against us; We will take care to signifie the same
to our Enemies, by which it will appear to God and
to the World, that if any severe executions are com
mitted, wee are forced to them by the Cruelties of our
Enemies for the protection of Our friends. Wee doe
also com[m]and and require all receivors and Collectors
appointed to receive any part or parts of the revenue
given by the Wisedome of former Parliaments,
for the maintaining of the Dignity and honour
of the Nation, and the established Lawes both in
Church and State: And which are now applied to
the supporting of Popery and Arbitrary Governm[ent].