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Pw H 287/1-3 : Letter from Lord W.H. Cavendish Bentinck, Camp Bahadaghur [Bahadurpur], India, to [W.H.C. Cavendish-Scott-Bentinck] 4th Duke of Portland, Cavendish Square, London; 4 Dec. 1831 (Pw H 287/1-3)

did not come up till
8 the next morning, when
he found him in a most
critical state. In three
hours, he gave him
90 grams of Calomel,
5 ounces of Castor Oil,
3 of sallap [?] & saved
his life. My own medi-
cal man does not
think the cholera con-
tagious, but he thinks
that it follows or
accompanies troops on a march
& that where great
numbers of cholera sick
are congregated, the
air may become