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Pw A 2141 : Copy of a letter [from James Johnston]; 6/16 Feb. 1688

but that there will be a Parliament;
and he is more full of hopes than ever
he was, that he will carry his point;
I mean have the Penal Laws taken off,
and the Test let alone, whole or in part,
and for such parts of the Test as shall
be desired to be taken off, equivalents
shall be offered that all the Nation
will accept of; and that H.M. has pro
mised to the Deputies of Exeter that
their grievances shall be redressed.
They complain that the cloath trade, &c.,
the only means of their subsistence,
is ruined by the new Taxes that the
French King has laid on the Cloath.
. Kemp said positively that he
would never suffer it. Mr. Price is
so full of hopes, that he said he doubted
not but before a year went over, the
King and the Prince of Orange should live