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Pw A 2141 : Copy of a letter [from James Johnston]; 6/16 Feb. 1688

they were offered to them in place of
the Bill of Exclusion; that to have the
Test off is only to quiet people among
the Papists, who fear a Revolution.
(But now he sees that) they are not
for such small gain; their design
(is to bring in) their Religion, right
or wrong, and to model this Army for
the doing of it; and if that is not suffi
cient, to take assistance from France.
This he told me with great warmness.
Believe what you can, this I am certain
of, that both Mr. Kemp and the several
parties of those of his persuasion, were
never so hearty, nor in so good humour,
and all full of hopes; so well pleased
that Mr. Price told me Mr. Kemp and
others, on Saturday, had read the reflexions on
Mr. Fagel's letter, and commended
them as well written; but since, I am told