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Pw A 2141 : Copy of a letter [from James Johnston]; 6/16 Feb. 1688

commission to search such mens houses
as he thinks [gap caused by tear in the paper]
and the Press will be so regulated that
nothing can any more be printed here,
without a license.

Mr. Price has a paper of reasons for
repealing the Test, written possibly
by Mr. Stewart. They are well written,
but will not be published, because the
Author, for getting the respect he owes
the Prince of Wales, calls all over,
the Prince and Pr[ince]ss the Successors.
There are written Papers (but nothing
yet printed) going about, against the
Repeal of the Penal Laws, which if
they cannot be got suprressed, (care is
taken to do it) will do a great deal
of hurt among the Dissenters.

The Sheet of Reflexions on Mr. Fagel's
Letter takes mightily. Myl[or]d Powis,