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Pw A 2141 : Copy of a letter [from James Johnston]; 6/16 Feb. 1688

(I know not on what grounds) that
he was to have impeached him of ha
ving entered into a Treaty with the
French King. There will be a Test
put to all the Officers here; I think
the words are, That they are content
to have the Test &c repealed. As con
siderable Men as Myl[or]d Oxford (who
is now turned out) will quit.

I know not the truth of the story from
Yorkshire; That the Country people,
upon the noise of murders, &c here in
Town, digged up some Roman Catholicks
bodies, and hung them up on trees, with
papers on them, bearing that thus the
Protestants will be used, if they do not
prevent them.

Mr. Kemp persuades Myl[or]d Norfolk
not to go beyond Sea, because there will
be a Parliament. The Queen grows
big. Hill the (Priest will) have a com-